My Adventures Participating in a Bike Tour

cycling tourRiding a bike enables one to have an expended view of the environment but when it comes to racing, there’s the thrill as your adrenaline rises as you try your best to win the race.

I am a good rider and have had my bike since I was a little boy. I never participated in any race though, until I was in college. My first race to participate had been organized by our school alumni as part of a breast cancer awareness program and was open to both students and the local community.

I enrolled for the race and prepared myself well prior to the big day. That day, I arrived early at the racing trail ready for the race. The event began at 8 in the morning and we were supposed to cover 30 miles. This was a distance that I had never covered before and I knew that the challenge that the race presented. I was ready for it.

The total participants of the men’s race which was to start first was 100 and I could guess that there were slim chances of winning. The race started smoothly at a relatively slow pace. Every racer seemed engrossed to his pedal. After cycling for almost 15 miles, other racers started to increase their pace. I had gotten a bit tired by this time and therefore I was having hard time keeping up with them.

I knew how disappointing it would be to be among the last and I would be a let down to my friends whom I always boasted to them about my ability to ride and they had helped raise the registration fees required for the event. This desire not to be humiliated got me to think of sinister ways of beating other competitors. I decided to take a short-cut since I knew the surroundings very well.

A Wrong Cut

cycling accidentWhen we reached near the small path where I was to take a short-cut, I pretended to stop as if I was checking something on my bike and when I saw that other riders who were with me had gone ahead several yards, I ducked into the path and continued cycling. I knew that the shortcut would reduce the whole race by almost several miles and thus I was better positioned to win the race.

However, I never realized that the path I took was not a cycling lane and there were various wild animals which could be seen on the pathway which went through a forest. I had gone for almost a mile when a moose appeared out of nowhere. Since I was peddling fast, I got involved in a nasty head-on collision and was badly injured on my chest and left shoulder. The moose disappeared fast after the collision and I was left alone writhing in pain.

I couldn’t cycle any more. I just lay on the path praying that a Good Samaritan would come along to my aid. However, the path was rarely used and about two hours later, nobody came along. I recollected myself and with the energy left, trudged back slowly.

I was so embarrassed and became a laughing stock, when news about my tragedy and my stupid trickery came out, but I already had learned my lesson.