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I would like to meet this Guy.


There was links incoming for Guy Bouchard. Some were Sports Cycling, and he did have a page about bikes. There’s some incoming on Computer Operating Systems, presumably red hat linux. Finding a cycling page for this to connect to next, is the best bet.

Unfortunately, in 2010, this abandoned site got contaminated by a bunch of spammy incoming links for crap. Then it was unused again for quite a few years. Now it’s re-emerging.

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OK, I sort of get it. Someone is restoring Guy’s web content about his bicycle content. But Why?

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Some crazy person.


Before that, it was a valid website from 2004 to 2007. Guy was living in Matane, Quebec.
Guy wrote:
This site aims to introduce me to, to share with you my passions and serve a springboard for my professional activities. You will notice that this site is bilingual in large part because I have many friends among the English-speaking world.

I use this website to let you know Who i am, what i like and what i do for living. You Will See English and french language on this website since i am a french speaking Mainly guy.

I announce at the outset that I place honesty, respect and listen to others above all else including fortune. These values ​​govern my life. I should say that these values ​​are tags that allow me to govern my life.

After more than 12 years in Beauce, I live since spring 2005 in Matane, a beautiful and vibrant city of Gaspé. This change has allowed me to be closer to my family and share my life with Chantal Létourneau, a special info-graphic!

I’m manic cycling and outdoors. In fact, I love the bike. This is the most effective vehicle on land. I made the sales and repair for over 10 years. I mounted my bicycle as often as possible for fun or for my travels. A little less in the winter! I am a member of Club Bike Éolien Matane.

I`ma bike and outdoor freak. I really like bike. I have-been repairing and selling ’em for living for more than 10 years. I ride my bike as much as i can but i do not bike commute this year. I hope to ride a bit this winter with Matane’s bicycle club!

I’m still owns Cycle Ste-Marie / Cycling Specialty (now inactive virtual store bike) . We closed the doors of our trade in December 2001 weeks 70 hours have a detrimental effect on health. My life is now easier and I have more time to live.

I am still the owner of Ste-Marie Cycle / Bike Specialty (now inactive year virtual bike shop). We-have closed our store in December 2001 My health Told me i need to slow down a bit Before going belly up. My life is Easier That Way and i have much more time to live.

One goal of this website, as I already mentioned, is to share my passions. Yes, MY passions! There are more than the bike. I love traveling, paddling (canoe) and paddle (kayak), making stuff (bikes, kayaks, etc.), camping, photography, reading, learning.

My interest for youth computing has surfaced in recent years. My Mac iBook G4 (running OS X) is currently my main working tools. I must confess that it is by far the most effective I’ve had the pleasure to use in more than 20 years computer. Since 2004, I have a slow learning of the Linux operating system. It has excellent potential in addition to enjoying a cooperative development.

Like i said Before, the purpose of this website is more than bicycle. I am not only a cyclist! I like traveling, canoeing, kayaking, building things (bike, kayak and more), camping, photograph, reading, learning and a lot more.

My interest for computing-have come back since A Few years. My current Mac iBook computer is the Most Efficient computer i have ever used. Since 2004, i Slowly learn to use Linux. It is very interesting and remind me of my Unix day. I like the open source way of doing things too.


One of Guy’s bikes was this Miyata Valley Runner.
And here is his blog about it.
It is my more useful and most used bike. It is my ” All-Rounder” style bike.Shown here with drop bar (My favorite comfortable flat top TTT Morphe) in its usual touring/commuting version. It is the first bike i ride steadily each year from march until road are clear. From there, we do together what UK cyclist call “Roughstuffing” :mix of road,gravel and trail. It is really fun and quiet. Quebec is a great place with all those hills and secondary roads! I have quick-connect derailler cables to convert it in less than 5 minutes into a rigid mountain bike with flat bar and agressive tires (or not). It can be a road bike, a touring bike, an expedition bike and a mountain bike. This system is based on tough 26″ wheels and any suited tires. Any body can build a similar bike frome a mountain bike frameset. It cost not too much money. Modern one are not that great because they put handlebar too low , seat tube are too steep for good setback and they need long fork (3″ suspension!). Older cromoly mountain bike frame and fork are better, could be found cheaply and be converted easily. My Valley Runner show a steeper seat tube than i’d like but the Race Face Prodigy seatpost almost correct this completely. Its frame is stiff enough for expedition touring and handle great loaded. The beautiful lugged crown front fork have been built by TROY COURTNEY and the original fork transferred to our homebuilt tandem (sold). S&S coupler would be nice to pack the bike in an airplane acceptable luggage. Frame: Lugged Miyata Valley Runner 52cm old style MTB.
Cadre: Miyata Valley Runner 52cm à raccord.
Fork:Troy Courthney built lugged fork with lots of braze-on.
Fourche:Fourche à raccord fabriqué par Troy Courthney.
Headset / J. Direction: 1″ threaded Shimano LX cartridge.

Handlebar setup #1 / Kit Guidon #1
Handlebar / Guidon: TTT Morphe 46cm
Stem: Custom built (myself) cromo stem extension + no-name aheadset aluminum stem to get handlebar at same height as saddle (my prefered position). High rise forged aluminum were too wimpy for my taste.
Potence: Potence ahead alu sans nom fixé sur une extension cromoly maison (moi-même) afin d’ajuster le guidon à la hauteur de la selle (ma position préférée).
Shifter / Levier de vitesse: Shimano 600, 8 speeds bar-end.
Brake lever / Levier de frein: Tiagra aero.

Handlebar setup #2 / Kit guidon #2
Handlebar / Guidon: Zoom Brahma Bar.
Stem / Potence: Titec MTB cromo 135mm.
Shifter: Shimano DX-XT top mount used in 8 speeds mode (ghost 1st position).
Levier de vitesse: Levier au pouce Shimano DX-XT utilisé en mode 8 vitesse (1ère position phantome).
Brake lever / Levier de frein: Ritchey.

Seatpost / Tige de selle:Race Face Prodigy (mucho setback).
Saddle / Selle:Brooks Conquest (BROOKS!).
Front derailler / Dérailleur avant:XTR M900.
Rear derailler / Dérailleur arrière: Modern XT.
Brakes / Frein: XTR M900 canti with Koolstop salmon pad.
Cranks:XT M737 with 24-38-50 rings.
Pédalier:XT M737 avec plateu 24-38-50.
Bottom bracket / Cartouche pédalier:BBUN71 122.5mm.
Pedals / Pédales:XT 737 clipless.
Cassette: Custom 13-32 8 speeds.
Chain / Chaine: KMC Z72 or Sachs PC??
Rear wheel: LX 36 holes hub, Sun CR18 (559) rim, DT 14g spokes.
Roue arrière: Moyeu LX 36 trous, Jante Sun CR18 (559), rayon DT 14g.
Front wheel #1:Shimano NX30 generator hub, DT 14g spokes, Sun CR18 (559) rim.
Roue avant #1:Moyeu Shimano NX30 dynamo, rayons DT 14g, jante Sun CR18 (559).
Front wheel #2:Specialized sealed hub(36 holes), Ambrosio Texas 24 (559) double eyeletted rim.
Roue avant #2:Moyeu Specialized scellé (36 trous), Ambrosio Texas 24 (559) à oeillets doubles.
Tires: Spring-Road = Vredestein Monte-Carlo 26*1.35, Gravel = Panaracer Urban Max 26*1.75 (Schwalbe Marathon XR someday), others for Roughstuffing.
Pneus: Printemps-route = Vredestein Monte-Carlo 26*1.35, gravier = Panaracer Urban Max 26*1.75 (Schwalbe Marathon XR un jours), autres pour Roughstuffing.
Bottle cage / Porte-bidon: 2 Blackburn stainless steel.
Computer: VDO Sprintlux (night glo push button for Brevet riding!).
Cyclomètre: VDO Sprintlux (bouton night glo pour voir l’affichage la nuit).
Front light / Lumière avant: Soubitez 3w.
Rear light / lumière arrière: Cygo lite.
Rear rack: Radical Explorack (cheap and tough). May replace it with a Tubus or build a cromoly one myself.
Porte-bagage arrière: Radical Explorack (solide et peu chère). Peut-être remplacé par un Tubus ou un fabriqué maison dans l’avenir.
Fender / Garde-boue: Esge.

Others / Autres:
Davinci cable splitter / connecteurs de cable.
Betto convertible frame pump / Pompe de cadre Betto convertible.

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